1900/30th May 2022

This time of year, it seems to me, light goes flat.

So I am particularly alert to moments when a splash of colour catches my attention.

Yesterday evening it was the trees on the opposite hill, that suddenly seemed to shimmer.

Then, by lowering the lens, the ploughed field came into the frame.

Without making any other adjustments, the shade of green changed significantly.

My father, artist and photographer, could have explained all this but I am happy just to notice.

Dad liked to analyze everything. When I took him to “close” on the condo he purchased in Washington, he began to read the documents, in detail.

How could I tell him it wasn’t necessary? No one should sign anything one hasn’t read, right?

Even a top-speed reader would be challenged with that lot. Fortunately, Dad seemed quickly overcome by the sheer boredom of it.

It isn’t that I am not curious about all sorts of things.

Obscure facts fascinate me, but I don’t feel the need to be told detailed workings that I have no hope of ever comprehending.

Is it a way of narrowing one’s horizons?

Or recognizing one’s limitations?

Book learning is a great thing but I have always preferred the university of life.

Nothing is more convincing than experience.

In today’s mail I received a notice from a company I had never heard of before which claims to offer professional services to my ex-employer.

It advises that in February they experienced a “cyber event” in which data was accessed that included my personal information.

Therefore, I am offered two years free subscription to Experian IdentityWorks.

“Here’s your code…here’s the link…”

All I have to do is type in…all my personal info.

It is probably legit.

But I no longer trust anyone.

Certainly not big companies who want my personal data.

Not that I think it’s worth more than a hill of beans.


Now I’ve got to take my no-longer agonized foot to see my new PCP in order to obtain a referral that I think I don’t actually need, to someone who may be able to prevent the pain from returning.

Since having my spine re-built in 2007, I have had serious neuropathy but until last week at least, the intense post-surgery nerve pain had not returned.

Then, it involved the whole foot and I screamed long and loud, for all the good it did me. I was offered the services of a priest. Seriously.

Last week, the pain was back but only in the joint of my big toe and only intermittently, mercifully.

Such as the moment I fell asleep. Or when a cat was happily curled up on it.

Try explaining to a cat why it can’t sit wherever it has decided it really must.

Blackie got seriously jostled a couple of times.

So, a second visit to my new doc…

“Me? I’m waiting for a bus. You?”

“Taking a break from the kids. They wear me out.”

“Hopping on out of here…”

4 thoughts on “Hop-a-long

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for making me smile on a difficult day. Be aware of scammers, if you were living happily without their “help” resist their offers.


  2. Experian IdentityWorks is a genuine company but any of their offers tend to require that you give a Credit Card number. Never a good idea unless you initiated the exchange!

  3. I would not give Experian any of your personal details. It is a well-known marketing ploy here. They will bombard you with ‘offers’, and almost certainly sell your personal information to third parties.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. I will not give my personal details to someone I don’t know … there are unfortunately many scammers out there (for example: I might be a very rich person, because I have “won” the lotto so many times according to a certain ‘person’ that send me this type of e-mail at least every three months – I must just provide some personal details)!
    Great pictures – that tree that looks like a “glow in the dark” object, is beautiful! So are your cloud photo’s ☁️.

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