1140/5th May 2022

After leaving Sikkim at the veterinary hospital yesterday, we meandered, with no destination in mind, which in my book is almost always more exciting.

We were not very far from home, but the landscape changes within just a few miles, around a bend or over the top of a hill.

And of course, I took note of the sky…

There’s never a stream I don’t want to photograph.

Grant spotted deer enjoying fresh grass.

Though our trees are not yet fully in leaf, the landscape has turned a shade of green that is stunning.

We passed a grove of the red maples that appear to be thriving this year. What colour they will be in the Fall?

We came upon a pretty pond.

Everywhere fields being readied for planting…

…although there was not a soul in sight.

Maybe they were lying down after all the ploughing

Lake Lauderdale.

Ooh, traffic!…

…and look, I do believe those are people!

Before long, we headed home. Still sky watching.

Approaching home.

The clouds were begging for attention.

Two hours later we went back to get our girl.

The fingers had leached out…

It had become a really busy sky.

The previous day had been more overcast but I had been drawn outside, fascinated by the affect of the evening light. The greens of early Spring are quite startling, almost not believable. They deserve a name of their own.

7 thoughts on “Green!

  1. Oh yes, it’s definitely green … the colour of life in nature! And love the red that the maples bring in and that wondrous sky – aren’t you lucky to witness so much colour in just one day! Still thinking of Sikkim … hope she’s doing much better.

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