5th May 2022

Any cat in my care that looks like this at lunchtime on a Thursday is off to the vet.

Because, at the weekend cat emergencies involve an hour’s drive and a long, expensive wait at a special clinic.

And Sikkim suffers with motion sickness.

We are very fortunate that our local veterinary clinic which is always busy has us drop our ailing pet off to be fitted in as and when.

This is something we do not take for granted.

The trouble with cats in particular is that they are very good at hiding sickness and playing “wait and see” can lead to dire results.

Our fluffy friend had a similar episode a matter of weeks ago and that turned out to be nothing more than a rather expensive hairball.

Three years ago, this poor girl had bladder stones removed.

We had no history when we acquired Sikkim and we don’t know how long she was suffering with the stones, nor can I remember now how they were discovered.

Yesterday when I was cuddling her, my fingers touched a flank or a spot on her tummy that caused her to react. Most cats are fussy about how they are handled, so it is not necessarily significant.

She’s also a finicky eater. But her reaction yesterday and refusing all food today….in good conscience we could not ignore the signs.

She turned away from her lunchtime treats as if to say “Oh take them away, the smell makes me sick!”

She was an unhappy cat.

What we have just learned is that she may have something in her stomach. She will come home this afternoon with medication to keep her comfortable and perhaps she will produce another hairball.

If that is the case, we will be over the moon.

Otherwise, next week could be a bit grim, but I won’t allow myself to entertain that thought.

One step at a time….

15 thoughts on “Sikkim

    1. Well, she’s Himalayan. My first was called Yeti by the friend who gave her to me. After I lost her I was given another Himalayan. It was a boy so I called him Thimphu. There was also a Tara briefly but her time was very short. Sikkim seemed like another good name for a Himalayan. They are special like the people of the Himalayas. I keep them in my heart.

  1. I think my worst moments while having two dogs, were when they didn’t want to eat … then I just knew something was wrong 😔.
    Sikkim’s got THE most beautiful eyes … I hope she’s better soon and whatever is bothering her, is sorted out by the medicine.

  2. I hope Sikkim is back to her normal self by the weekend. Your cats are fortunate to have a Mama that can pick up on the slightest alarm that something isn’t right. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all your lovely kids.

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