“Well,” said Mr White-throat, from his safe perch.

“It started out alright…”

“then the morning meal went to hell…”

“How dare you come to breakfast looking such a disgrace!” yelled senior Cowbird

“Steady on”, said his wife, “must you shout?”

“It’s just not good enough! You’ve put me off my meal!”

“Oh good!” said Sparrow, “I can sneak a seed.”

“Oh no, you can’t. Reserved seeding this morning. Hop it!”

“Did I not say Hop it? And take your pals with you! Small fry.”

“Oh, husband, must you make such a fuss?” said Mrs Cowbird

Fuss did you say? I’ll give you FUSS!”

“Steady on over there! There’s no need for violence!”

“Oh, that’s torn it! Here come the big boys!”

‘What’s been going on around here?” demanded Redwing leader.

“This is how civilized birds behave. Sharing.”

“Oh. You have an issue with that?”

“Fine. It’s every man for himself. Baldy.”

“My husband is very rude. Please ignore him.”

“Oi! He didn’t say anything about furred things!”

“I’m back. It seems supervision is required.”

“What a gentile little sparrow you are. Come right in.”

“I’ll have a beak full myself. Ah and there’s my junior.”

“Reporting for my lessons, sir.”

“Oh yeah!”

“Time for us to go, Mr Sparrow!””

“Nah. This I have to see!”

“Baldy’s back!”

“Why is everyone so rude?”

“Oh, it’s alright, young fellow. We all have to moult.”

“Let’s just sit and watch the little chaps”

“See how everyone gets along?”

“Another lot need sorting out!”

“Come on Junior. We’re out of here!”

9 thoughts on “Show-off

  1. Dear Carolyn, this tale is just brilliant! It should be published together with your photos! Your narration made me laugh, and I needed this today. Big Thank you and a big hug!


  2. This little commentary lends such a hilarious aspect to the photos of this bird drama! I am inspired to set up a feeder and see if I can put together enough actors for my own play . . . . 🙂

    1. I don’t think one should allow oneself to regret the past, but if I had the chance, I would have paid way more attention to birds everywhere!

    1. Yes and our squirrels chase each other as well as the groundhogs. It’s a circus. When the skunks get mad, though, it can get a bit stinky!

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