Seeing light

May the people of Tibet and the Ukraine be free from those who would oppress them.

And all others who suffer at the hand of monsters.

May our leaders be endowed with wisdom and compassion.

The world seems a dark place.

It’s hard to see a glimmer of light sometimes but I have to remind myself that it helps no-one if those of us who are unaffected by current events give in to gloom.

People are giving their lives to defend their freedom, so we must cherish what we are lucky to have.

We must never take our good fortune for granted.


This morning’s sky was boiling with energy

It’s one of those “in and out” days that sees many changes in the view.

Snow flurries alternating with sun breaks.

It seems I am still able to see the light.

As I came in from taking pictures I noticed Lucy backlit by winter’s glare.

The cats are all recognizable by their unique shape, the “just so” tilt of their head.

As well as their sound. Lucy should have been an opera star. Prima Donna!

Today saw the return of more old friends:

Towhee. Just one, briefly.

Well hello!

Zoomer is awake. The chipmunk.

He operates at the same speed as Little Red. He’s even smaller but he’s got a king-sized hunger.

4 thoughts on “Seeing light

  1. Ever since I was old enough to be aware, there has been a war somewhere, and refugees fleeing it. From the Belgian Congo to Vietnam, The Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and now Ukraine. It never ends.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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