Boxing Day

Dee Dee Sasha is the cupboard cat.

After lunch she retires to her basket there on top and delivers a speech before settling down.

Quite often we hear the cupboard doors banging and find Dee Dee exploring inside.

If we decide to re-arrange things…

Dee Dee must be consulted first.

She must approve the items before they are placed in her cupboard.

Tea bags and cereal were acceptable.

At least on this particular day.

And of course we had to keep her ladyship informed of the new whereabouts of items removed.

“You’re taking that where?” she asked!

Toby doesn’t need a basket for his siesta.

He just flops wherever he happens to be when fatigue overtakes him.

Though since he discovered there are treats in that drawer, it has become a popular spot!

“Are you sure I shouldn’t have another handful?”

Toby isn’t terribly keen on soft food and he’s a lanky boy, so we sneak him kibble at every chance.

And quite often we get caught out.

Willow has her own routine, however…

Willow has epilepsy…we think…so she gets a dropper of medicine twice a day.

Most cats flee from meds and so did she, at first.

Then she created a system whereby she presents herself for medication and I then reward her.

How she accomplished this, I can’t quite remember. After all I am not into bribery…

Needless to say the other little darlings soon cottoned on to this procedure. But Willow doesn’t like crowds, so she either rushes ahead and jumps on a table or she does an about-face and rushes off to the other end of the house. It’s hard to keep up.

Lily patrols the house.

Unless she’s sound asleep, she’s always on the go.

Today she was feeling frisky…

Boxing Day….that’s for cats, right?

Lily and Sophia

5 thoughts on “Boxing Day

  1. Well fortunately cats sleep a lot, though not necessarily when you would like them to! When I lived n Auburn (WA) my house was on 3 levels and I had more cats because a lot of them were fosters…that was exhausting! Here we are all on one level at least.

  2. Over here when you get a stray cat neutered they clip the ear so that if they are released back to the street, others will know not to trap it because it has already been neutered. Some cats get a small clip and others like poor Lily have a big chunk off. I think it doesn’t hurt a lot but it’s a shame. Not that Lily cares in the least, nor do we, of course!

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