Places for everyone

22nd November 2021

The chattering birds went suddenly silent.

This they often do if we approach too closely to their bushes.

But this time it was a very immediate, coordinated hush.

Behold Mr Cooper.

He had lunch in mind.

But then…

Raucous cries rang out

…from the bully boys!

Mr Cooper abandoned lunch and challenged the crows.

But they laughed and chased him off.

“You owe us one, Little Brown Jobs!” called the crows

“Yeah, whatever” they responded.

Meanwhile, a grumpy pair observed from the doorway

But they had to content themselves with sitting in the sun.

Lily is very keen on being out and always has somewhere to go, something she must check out:

“Oi”, she said, “Mr Groundhog…you sleeping?”

She was persuaded to leave him be, and soon she was back inside, watching Toby’s routine:

Unless he decides to go walk-about, Toby’s brief excursion brings him back to the path where he flops down and requests a moment of Grant’s time.

These cold mornings, he seems less tempted to stray.

Not that he ever goes far.

He knows where the kibble is kept.

Lately, timid Patches has been venturing out to catch some fresh air. But she has to know the door is open, which makes it somewhat awkward as we don’t want a stampede.

Some of the others are not interested in going out but I want to keep it that way. I’m already not thrilled about the short morning outings. But Grant thinks it is cruel to keep animals “caged up.”

And I sort of agree….

So, last winter when they couldn’t get very far, Grant began letting some of them out and of course, when the snow melted…

You know what they say about setting precedents!

On balance, Patches prefers to stay by a nice warm radiator, which is why the door has to be open. She needs to know that she can flee back to safety if something scares her.

This funny, sweet little girl has carved a big shelf into my heart.

Sometimes I wonder how there is room for them all.

But there is, of course.

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