The winding road

By chance, I caught a picture of our rear view mirror, which somehow appealed to me.

That was two days ago when we decided to make a quick excursion to Queensbury.

In order to collect a new piece of furniture.

For the cats.

Well, for us too, really.

Time to get rid of the tatty cat trees.

And live like respectable human beings.


Approaching Greenwich, the chauffeur began to moan:

“Oh, what is going on?!”

But then he discovered it was an Amish cart.

So that was alright.

There are lots of Willow trees in this part of the world and I find them very beautiful. (Just like my very own Willow)

OK, so the road wasn’t entirely winding!

But here we go…

How different the landscape is when the corn is cut.

Equally lovely.

Faces in the clouds. I see four.

One is a teddy bear.

And one is Abraham Lincoln?

Rural house in a rural setting but soft on the eye.

See what I mean by curves…

And bends in the river.

A couple more straight bits

Then we arrived in Queensbury

By our standards, a metropolis!

A quick transaction, and we were off again.

This time at some speed…

It was mid afternoon. The light was good

and the sky was moody

Wow, steady on. We took that corner fast…

..leaving half my queasy stomach behind!

When Grant is not restrained, he’s got a heavy foot!

And he calls me “Speedy!”

Though I don’t remember last time I was allowed to drive.

Eyesight problems mean I only drive close to home.

Zoom, around those bends and up the hill…

…and into yet more bends..

…and an ever darkening sky…

…with sun patches here and there

Did I not say it was a windy road?

We crested another hill and wow, the contrast was startling…

Crows circled over a dead deer

We weren’t quite home…

But you’ll be pleased to know, I have to leave it here.

For another appointment.

Don’t want the man to have to rush…

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  1. Although, in this post, you’re not quite home, I’m sure you survived (because you’re telling the story) 😉. It almost feel as if I was with you in the car – going around all those bends! Oh and yes, I definitely saw the teddy bear face … and Lincoln (when you pointed him out).

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