Dawn’s early light

0748/13th November 2021


At 0804, the sun had not crested the horizon, but it’s rays were catching the tops of hills and trees, creating that very glorious pre-dawn glow.

Don’t you love this time of day, when the Natural World comes alive?

Cocks crow, the dawn chorus gets in tune…

It’s magic.

Then a moment later, a glimmer…

…and the new day arrives.

It all lights up.

Not true that all colour is gone

That early slant of light…

…catches dew drops, or frost…

…or a pussycat…

“Where’s breakfast?” asked Willow

…and Sophia…

…as I rushed back outside again…

…exhilarated to catch the changing hues…

But at 0840…what’s this….

It is said, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute!

By 5pm, the Sun returned to say “nite nite”.

Nothing else is predictable these days. Certainly not breakfast. Ask Willow.

So why should the weather be?

3 thoughts on “Dawn’s early light

  1. Ah Carolyn, just LOVE these photo’s! It’s amazing how the light changes in a few minutes.
    Being almost summer here, the sun rises at 5:30 (on the West Coast where we live), but already at 4:50 on the East Coast … here’s a secret, we’re going there soon (don’t tell anyone 🤫) and maybe I can get a few shots of the rising sun over the ocean there!

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