Not snow, though…

0823/23rd October 2021

Because I’ve enjoyed it so much, I captured these images of my wildflower garden yesterday morning.

With temperatures dropping I have been keenly aware that my cheerful flowers would soon be gone.

Late in the day Grant spotted a new bird outside. Not new, just one that has been long absent.

It did not agree to being photographed.

Juncos are also know as Snowbirds.

There was no snow predicted, nor even frost.

But Nature knows.

As so often happens, at 1730 yesterday, the heavy overcast opened up very briefly to tease us with rays from the setting sun.

Naked birches stand out against the Fall colours and the golden light.

Could one ever tire of such a sight?

Moments later, the light shifted to the puffy little clouds that drifted overhead. Then they too vanished into a dark night.

The Moon is rising late now. She was still “up” at 0700.

Heavy morning mist beneath a clear sky suggested a bright day to come, but overnight, frost had arrived.

Oh no.

Well it’s not snow, but I should have paid attention to that Junco.

My poor garden looked quite sad:(

Of course, if you were with me this time last year, you will remember that I am quite a fan of frost.

There were no wildflowers hanging on last Fall, so I was not conflicted in my enthusiasm as I am now.

Not a very heavy frost

It burned off quite fast beneath a dazzling sky.

Some of the images were quite lovely, I thought.

But sadly it was the end of my beautiful wildflower garden. For this year anyway. Now I have the sorry task of cutting down all my dead friends. Does anyone else say “sorry” to their flowers? I’m sure I’m not alone.


While Grant went off on his morning rounds, I did the washing up and noticed a ladybird on the window

Then put a crick in my neck taking pictures of it. Grant had told me they are always thirsty so I left her to drink the condensation.

It must be ladybird/beetle season again. They are huddling in all corners of the house.

Are they keeping their toes warm or plotting?


Earlier today I put my camera on Pet Portrait mode, then without thinking laid it on my desk.

Where it continued to take pictures:

Of the Bedlam Farm dogs postcard.

Bud, Red and Fate. I was privileged to meet Red not long before he left this world. He was so amazing.

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  1. Oh yes, I love the images of your wildflower garden … even with the frost! But now it’s time for them to go to sleep – I’m sure you will see each other next year summer again 🌸!

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