Just a bit “off”

2nd January 2021

So, things are just a bit “off”. I should take the screens off my windows so they wouldn’t mess up pictures when I’m too lazy to go outside, but I’d never get them back on…


It was still pitch dark when I heard Grant crashing about in the kitchen. Then I remembered that he intended to go out at 8 o’clock to collect yet another sewing machine.

Oh la, with these machines! He fixes and sells them. There’s no profit, but he likes tinkering and he enjoys discovering new places when he goes for them.

Did I want to go with him? “No. I’m going back to bed.”

Which in itself is “off” because I never go back to bed, once I’m up, but I crawled back into a cocoon.

Normally, I’m up for a short road trip. Not today. Light snow had fallen and I thought the roads would be icy, not ideal for driving, so I worried about Grant, but he returned with the car and himself intact.


By which time I had struggled out of bed and called the bank. I could blame them for my being “off”.

Late yesterday I got the weekly update on my account and I was a bit shocked by it. So I went online to learn that on December 30th, a rather large withdrawal had been made. Em, no, not by me!

Oh, and there’s our garbage cans, not emptied on Thursday, why, I don’t know. ‘cos things are “off”.

But just like I said on Monday, this is “nothing week”. As in there’s nobody to call.

This morning the bank offered a small window when I could make contact and I was told the withdrawal had been a mistake.

Someone had typed in a wrong digit and taken the money from my account in error.

How is this even possible? “It will be corrected on Monday”, they said.

It had better be.


Now, speaking of banks. How is this for stupid:

Do these people seriously think I have been sitting around at a car dealership for 16 months waiting for financing? Fact is, the dealer arranged everything, so I didn’t know these people were even consulted. Is it me, or are banks these days particularly inept?

Maybe it’s time to purchase a fireproof safe and just keep all my funds in it.


….and now…

My infamous Internet Service Provider is “off”.

Actually, that’s not unusual.

Perhaps it’s Word Press that’s off.


This feeling of things being “off”….

…started with the appearance of the shark fin ice sculpture.

Which is still there in spite of a heavy melt.

My ice castle still stands as well…

But OK, I can take a hint…..


I’m taking the rest of the day off!

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