Stormy weather

Did I not say, that when rain came, it would be fierce?

The storm in these particular photos was tornado-like.

When I looked up, there was a big swirl of cloud all around us with a blue bit in the middle.

I love to take pictures of storms but when there is lightning, I’m not so brave!

This day there was a lot of lightning, so the pics are from the kitchen window. I thought about saying we saw a UFO, but maybe it’s obvious that it’s the kitchen light! Apparently, though, New York State is a place where a lot of UFO sightings are reported, so you never know! I am sure they are around.

Toby didn’t care about the storm.

He was hungry and started to play twister in the dinner bowls.

I have a very soft spot for Toby. He’s a love.

And very handsome.

Meanwhile, back outside, some baby groundhogs were seen playing together:

It was sweet to see that they have a little playtime .

Because mostly we see them searching for food and eating!

But not all our visitors look as well fed:

Grant thinks this must be an old possum. She seems almost blind, but her nose brings her to the oranges and bits of kibble. She looks a bit healthier than when I first saw her.

I confess that I’ve been relieved not to have to water the flowers. I went out briefly this morning to refresh the water bowls and stopped to thin out some of the seedlings. They grew! I’ve no idea yet which these are, but that’s just details. I thought I should spread them out, so I spent about ten minutes doing so. And in that short time some flying thing zeroed in on my head and got me. I must have very tasty blood or something.

In between storms the little goldfinch paid us a return visit:

I’d like to think he came deliberately and didn’t just get blown off course!

6 thoughts on “Stormy weather

  1. We had a surprise storm to blow through here yesterday. I hadn’t been paying attention to the weather forecast and had barely brought my purchases from Walmart inside when it hit. That wind was really something to see and it was the loudest thunder I have ever heard. Like you, I am happy to have a couple of days free from watering the plants outside. I’m glad to see the scruffy possum is looking better. Maybe she is just malnourished.

  2. That possum has been coming every night. I don’t know what her deal is, but I figure if I can make her life a bit better with an easy meal, who does it hurt. All the wounded and down on their luck find me!

  3. I’m glad (and I’m sure they are as well) that you ARE there and willing to help any way you can. You have such a sweet and tender heart to look out for those that need your help.

  4. Yes, Toby is definitely a handsome kitty and he looks to be very adept at Twister! Delightful photos! Thank you!

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