Promises, promises

"Rain in 92 minutes"
On my phone, it says
Oh good
Then I'll stay
The garden,
I'm sure can wait.
Sit me down
To concentrate
To write a while...

Two hours gone by
Not a drop
In sight.
"Rain in 74 minutes"
The Smart phone says.
So, garden still OK
I think that I can stay
Inside to play
Perhaps with a cat,
Or maybe I'll call
To have a chat
(Not likely, that)

Plenty more to do
Storm is coming
I'm sure that's true
And yet...
Time is passing
And beyond
My window
Not a cloud

"They" say
On my very smart
It's coming
They lie.
And so....

Haul the hoses out
Scatter water
All about
Thirsty plants
Look at me
I'm so sorry
I was promised
Rain for thee
By half past three.
Now it's late
Which means it's hot
And the bugs are out
On my exposed bits,
As I drag
The hose around
When will they get it right
When will their promises
Be true
They haven't got a clue.

Just as I pull
The hose back in
I hear a distant
Trees rustling in
A sudden wind
A big black cloud
From nowhere comes
And then...
I know that sound
As rain begins
To hit the ground.
Promises fulfilled
Just late
That's all.

I never trust a weather forecast, but sometimes when I have stuff to do, I get suckered into believing I may have a day off from watering duties. I should know better.

2 thoughts on “Promises, promises

  1. The weather people are promising some rain here, too, but I am skeptical. It is a bit cooler, so I’m thankful for that.


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