First steps

April sky, Cambridge 2019
Let go of Anger
It only hurts
You more than he(she).
Remove yourself
Get away
But do not brood.
It will not help.

Anger eats
Inside of you
It takes away
The goodness
Think not of he(she)
Who caused you pain.
Let them go
Look instead to something grand
A dog, a cat, a flower
A wondrous masterpiece
Of Nature
Let music soothe
Your aching soul
Or prise emotion loose.
Spill those tears
Let them flow
And release
What's all pent up.

"Words", you say
"You do not know
How it feels".
But I do.
I remember
Years ago
How it hurt
How diminished
I felt.


First decide
to help yourself
Be your first priority.
You cannot function
In a broken state.

Don't expect
An instant cure
It's a long road.
Made me sick
It had to be
First to go.
It got talked out
Of me
By a skilled MAN.

After, anger gone,
I saw a light
Far down
A tunnel
I had to traverse.
It was long
It was cold
It was lonely
But there was help
If I asked
Along the way.
Make sure to stop
On your journey
To gain the wisdom
You will need.
No single fix
For all that's wrong.

Listen to the lessons
Take alone
What's right
For you
Forget the rest.

With anger gone
I had to face
What was left
What a mess.

Forgiveness came
Easily for me.
Those who hurt
Were hurt.
Hate consumes
Even more
Than Anger.
I craved love
And found
Love and Hate
Cannot co-exist.
Love my enemy?
Not quite.
Just accepted
They were different
Marching to
Another drummer.
I let them march
Away from me.

Now I had
A working canvas.
Still a mess
But less.

Thinking back, I suppose, always loosens the bricks we stack in our minds to hold back memories we might prefer to forget. But perhaps I’ve climbed out of the ravine as I seem to have better perspective and I can see now the path that I followed.

Other people’s words helped me along the way. I do think we have to follow our own beacon through life, but there is so much wisdom available if only we can allow ourselves to be be guided. It has always been my hope that my experiences might help someone else facing the long road.

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