Seeing double

Double rainbows…really!

Today I celebrate the miracle of vision! For the past two or more years I have been struggling with double vision, the real problem being that it came and went, defying diagnosis. Finally, though, in the last few months my eyesight was just plain screwy, so I took myself to a new doctor and agreed this time to try prismatic lens.

My new glasses were placed on my face yesterday morning. Joy! I can’t believe I put up with being so out-of-focus for so long. I guess I really had not realized how bad it had become.

As if to celebrate the return to normal of my vision, I found all sorts of things to photograph, as well as the appropriate double-rainbow! Here are some of them:

I knew hummingbirds had long beaks, but wow!  Then a baby bunny came to visit.
This was actually the first rainbow, scanning right across the valley,
followed shortly after by the double-rainbow, then..
and this morning....
Cannot resist the morning mist...and how do they create such wonders overnight?
It would not be right to finish such an offering, without a token cat, or two.

.................................. I am so in love with the sky here!

One thought on “Seeing double

  1. Your big sky certainly does paint some very pretty pictures and I’m glad that you are able to see them so clearly now.


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