Are you out there somewhere?
Among the distant trees,
Diffused in the morning mist?

I look for you in sunsets,
I look for you at dawn.
In all the ever-changing light,
I know you're there somewhere.

I have your ashes in a box,
Though I know you are not there.
Just couldn't bear to quite let go,
Of your mortal remains.

Is it you who calls in a Winter's storm,
Above the howling gale?
Is it you in the rustling woodland sounds?
In the babbling icy brook?
Is it you who in the dark of night,
Makes the floorboard squeak?

I feel you in the warming air,
Of a fine New England Spring.
This is not where you came from,
But I feel you even so.
I feel you brush against my cheek,
I feel you lift my hair.
I feel you deep inside my heart,
And I know that you are here.

Sometimes I feel almost overwhelmed with nostalgia. Looking through old photographs, hearing a piece of music, maybe something I read will set it off. This morning it was the morning mist. I went out to get some photos and I felt as if Panther’s voice was calling to me from down in the woods.

I will write about Panther, but not just now.


5 thoughts on “Searching

  1. I miss every animal I have ever lost. I believe that Rodie my calico will be the last one I will ever have. I don’t think I can stand losing her. I love your posts,you are a true animal lover.

  2. I love this poetic tribute to your Panther. I agree with Steven, that my Minnie (who is a look-a-like of Panther) will most likely be my last kitty that I will hold in my heart. I am looking forward to hearing more about your Panther whenever you are ready.

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