Missing the moon

February, 2019

This is not a complaint, but what has happened to the moon of late?

For weeks after coming to Cambridge, I was glued to a window most nights, intoxicated by moonlight. Enjoying a night sky again, no longer deprived by light pollution, was so fantastic. I expected to hear choruses of angels.

Dawn and dusk were true gifts of the Universe.

Then Spring arrived, technically, at least. It made a short attempt for a couple of days and then retreated like a sulky child. Temperatures now are climbing slowly, ten degrees up, nine down, and so on. The trees are mostly all in leaf now, some hardy flowers have pushed through. Every day a few more birds return, another creature emerges from it’s burrow. So there is progress, but after all this is MAY!

Sunrise is often still a spectacle. When it collapses dramatically, it’s quite a sight! The setting sun can set the world on fire. So what if it pours rain all day, in between?

When I moved to Seattle everyone laughed about how it rains all the time out there. Winters, certainly, are pretty wet, but the summers I knew were all long and hot and dry. It seems to me it’s wetter here!

I’m out of touch with how east coast seasons work. Perhaps it’s normal for Spring to stagger a bit, and as I said, this is no complaint. I’m happy to keep hot days at bay. They will be here soon enough. And I don’t mind rain. No matter what the weather, the view from my window is always good. I even like to watch the mist as it drifts across and between the hills, anointing the most astonishing range of green.

It’s good to have something to look forward to. I shall so enjoy a moonlit night.

2 thoughts on “Missing the moon

  1. We have missed the moon on Cape Cod, too. So much rain, and dark gray days. Because we are surrounded by the ocean, we stay very cool in to June. So Spring is very shy.
    Your photos are so beautiful and interesting!!

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