Sky watching

April sky

Since coming to Cambridge I seem to spend a lot of time gazing at the sky and I am not the only one. Although I’ve always enjoyed the sky, I never had such a great opportunity to view it as I now can.

I noticed, my first day here, that my view was continually changing with the light, that is seldom constant for more than a few minutes. It is subject to such dramatic fluctuations, particularly at sunrise and sunset and as the seasons progress. And if you scan the horizon, quite often you will witness dark storm clouds in one direction and bright sunlight at the other.

In mere moments it was gone

Then, of course there is the night sky. With no light pollution, a clear night is a thing of wonder. My favourite view was the night of the lunar eclipse when I braved frigid cold to contemplate the phenomenon. There is something special about a clear, cold night when there is snow on the ground and the world is still. It’s exhilarating.

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  1. Welcome to the blogoshere, Carolyn! I found you through Jon Katz, and am delighted to know another cat lover. Cats have been a huge part of my life since my Dad nicknamed me, Kitty, the day of my birth. Growing up on a farm, cats were ever present, and loved. I look forward to your writing…..wishing you great fun and success with your blog, Marcia

  2. Found your blog through Jon Katz. Speaking of “katz”, I have four currently. I have always had cats and cannot imagine living without them. Best to you on launching your blog. Though I cannot promise to read daily, I will check in from time to time.

  3. Will be following your blog……….wonderful…..found you through Jon Katz…….will make all of my “cat friends” aware of your blog!

  4. A ‘Katz connection’ is a fun thing. It brightens my life daily. I look forward to joining you. Best Wishes

  5. Good Morning Carolyn, I also found your blog through Jon Katz and am so happy to be able to read more wonderful stories from an animal lover. Thanks so much for your delightful contribution to the conversation. I will continue to check in. Blessings, Wendy

  6. So happy to have a cat lover join the group of those encouraged by Jon Katz. I have only been up with my blog for a very short time and i am really enjoying writing in it. I will look forward to reading yours and viewing your lovely photos.

  7. Being the neighborhood Crazy Cat Lady that I am, when I read Jon Katz’ recommendation for your blog, well you can bet that I just jumped right on it! I am really looking forward to anything that you write about the beautiful area that you live in and the cats that are always so interesting to read about. So, hello, Cynthia………..I am Bonnie in Texas, just south of Dallas.

    1. Hi Bonnie, nice to meet another cat lady! My Himalayan Sikkim is sitting here and sends her love . Yoiu will hear about her in due course!

  8. You post lovely photos, too. … Since you seem to have moved house several times, i was wondering if you have any thoughts on how to manage ‘stuff’. I recently inherited my parents house with two generations of furniture from both of their parents.and now my stuff, too. I’m writing to my cousins to ask them if they want anything but there are a lot of things. …looking forward to reading your next post.

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